Exchange Visitor Visas

The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) provides the exchange visitor (J) nonimmigrant visa category for persons who are approved to participate in exchange visitor programs in the United States. This means that before you can apply at an American Embassy or Consulate for a J visa you must apply, meet the requirements, and be accepted for one of the Exchange Visitor Program categories through a designated sponsoring organization. If you are accepted as a participant in an exchange program, the sponsor will provide you with information and documents necessary to apply for the J visa to enter the United States.

All applicants for an exchange visitor visa must bring the following required documents to their interview:

  1. Electronic application form DS-160. This application must be filled out electronically at This application will also be necessary to make an appointment for an interview. You must also bring a printed copy of your DS-160 confirmation page to your interview!  Please make sure that the barcode of the application is printed clearly. See the example.
  2. A passport valid for travel abroad.
  3. A photograph taken within the past 6 months (photographs must be in color, 5cm X 5cm in size and on a white background). Only original photographs are acceptable. Photos that have been altered in any way (copied, digitally scanned, retouched, etc.) will not be accepted. For more information, please see requirements for visa photos (PDF-93kb).  Application Form DS-160 allows for the photo to be uploaded to the electronic form.  The Consular Section recommends you bring a photo to the interview even if the photo upload was successful.
  4. Form DS-2019 for exchange visitor visas (J-1 and J-2). This form is issued by the sponsoring organization.
  5. Form I-901 or I -797 to prove the SEVIS payment. See our page on SEVIS payment  for more details on this payment. The only way to pay this fee in Uzbekistan is through a credit card online at
  6. For trainees or interns, Form DS-7002.  All exchange visitor (J visa) trainee or intern visa applicants must also present a Training/Internship Placement Plan, Form DS-7002 when applying for their visa. For more information about the new rules for trainee and intern programs, see the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Exchange Visitor Program, Trainee Programs Information.
  7. For family members applying to travel with an exchange visitor as a derivative (spouses or children), documentary proof of your relationship to the exchange visitor, such as marriage or birth certificate.

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