The following is a list of immigrant and special visa services fees. These fees are based on a study completed by the U.S. Department of State that established the true cost of providing these immigrant services, costs which by law must be recovered through the collection of fees. The fee schedule below is current as of September 12, 2014.

Immigrant Visa Services Fees

Immigrant Visa Application Processing Fee:

Family-based immigrant visa – $325

Employment-based immigrant visa – $345

Other immigrant visas (including SB) – $205

Diversity Visa (Green Card) Lottery Fee – $330

Fiancé(e) Visa – $265

Special Visa Services Fees:

Determining Returning Resident Status – $180

Boarding foil/Reentry Permit for LPRs of the U.S. – $575

All applicants, including children, are required to pay the applicable immigrant processing fees. This payment may only be made to the Consular Cashier on the grounds of the U.S. Embassy using currency in good condition and with exact change. This payment may only be made with U.S. dollars. The Consular Section does not accept Uzbek Soum for payment.

As a recipient of an immigrant visa from the U.S. Department of State, you are required to pay $220 to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The USCIS Immigrant Fee covers the costs USCIS incurs to process, file and maintain the immigrant visa package as well as produce and issue documents, including the Permanent Residence Card (commonly referred to as the Green Card).

You must pay the USCIS Immigrant Fee online using the USCIS Electronic Immigration System (USCIS ELIS) after you receive your immigrant visa package from the Department of State and before you depart for the United States. You will not receive your Green Card until you have paid the USCIS Immigrant Fee.

You may pay for yourself and for members of your family who will live with you in the United States.  If you pay for other family members, you must have their Alien Registration Number (A-Number) and Department of State (DOS) Case ID available.  The Tashkent Consular Section will provide you with your A-Number and your DOS Case ID.

For more details on the fee, including contact information for USCIS, please see the USCIS website on the immigrant fee.