USAID Uzbekistan maintains focus on older populations in TB control

Aging adults are more likely to develop an active form of tuberculosis (TB) evolving from a latent form acquired many years ago. Uzbekistan declared 2015 as the Year of Attention and Care for the Senior Generation. Building on 15 years of collaboration with Project HOPE in Uzbekistan, the USAID TB Control Program extended its services to 4000 people with its community outreach and public events in four regions with a total population of 7.5 million. After doubling TB screening of people age 55 and over since 2012, the Government of Uzbekistan now provides TB diagnosis and treatment to people susceptible to TB in the early stages and at no cost. To supplement this care, USAID provides people with patient-centered care and involves community leaders in educating extended families which often serves to prevent new infections.

woman with papers
A neighborhood resident in Bukhara for a World TB Day Event hosted by the USAID TB Control Program. (Photo courtesy of USAID)