USAID Supports Development of Civil Society in Uzbekistan

Friday, May 21, 2021 – Today, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) kicked off a two-day conference “Collaboration Between Government and Civil Society in Legal Reforms”. The event brings together 70 representatives from the Parliament, government agencies and civil society to exchange experiences and develop recommendations to improve the cooperation of the government and civil society organizations in ensuring the rule of law in the country.

The conference serves as a platform to discuss national legislation and legislative initiatives focused on development of the enabling environment for civil society in Uzbekistan and enhancing civil society’s participation in the legislative process. In addition, the event offers an opportunity to jointly develop approaches for greater participation of civil society organizations in the areas of social partnership, public control, and volunteerism.

“USAID is proud to join efforts with the Government to advance democracy, the rule of law, and access to justice for all,” said Dana Beegun, Democracy and Governance Office Director of USAID Mission in Uzbekistan. “Today’s event demonstrates the existence of a growing and capable civil society that is already being perceived by governmental organizations as a useful, full-fledged partner in the endeavor to create a better future for all citizens of Uzbekistan,” she added.

USAID’s Legal Reform Program supports Uzbekistan’s efforts to ensure further development of rule of law principles, build the capacity of legal professionals and training institutions, enhance citizens’ access to justice, improve the legal operating environment for civil society, promote gender equality, and create a healthier investment climate.

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USAID partners with the Government of Uzbekistan to diversify the country’s economy and increase regional trade, address serious health threats – including COVID-19 – and build the government’s capacity to respond to the population’s needs. For more information, please visit: