USAID Launches Advanced Entrepreneurship Training for Women in Rural Uzbekistan

September 16, 2022, Tashkent, Uzbekistan – Today, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) announced an advanced entrepreneurship training program for 600 rural women. This initiative is part of a $3.4 million Women’s Economic Empowerment program that supports rural women in Uzbekistan by facilitating their engagement in the workforce as entrepreneurs and skilled employees. Training will begin on September 26, 2022.

USAID’s Mission Director to Uzbekistan Mikaela Meredith emphasized the importance of gender equity in the economy, “The United States is committed to helping Uzbekistan achieve rapid, sustainable economic growth, which can only come when women are empowered to participate in the economy as business owners, skilled employees and entrepreneurs.”

In recent years, Uzbekistan has made significant progress in creating opportunities for women and girls. New state measures to empower women, including the establishment of a Women’s Support Fund in 2021 and the expansion of access to healthcare services and education, are important steps on the path to gender equality and inclusive economic growth.

The training program will be delivered by Forta Business Education, a female-owned business focused on providing training solutions throughout Uzbekistan. Participants will study business operations, strategic management, and e-commerce among other topics. USAID will provide support to program graduates to start businesses, find skilled employment, and obtain internships.

Since April 2022, USAID has provided business and entrepreneurship training to more than 1,000 rural women and girls. Over 100 women have already obtained employment and 300 women have registered as entrepreneurs. USAID is also financing approximately 30 female-led businesses specializing in crafts, agritourism, and agriculture and providing 200 rural women with the equipment necessary to start micro-businesses through USAID’s Gender Development Fund.