USAID Announces $1 Million Fertilizer Development Fund, Calls for Concept Papers

November 1, 2022, Tashkent, Uzbekistan – Today, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) announced the launch of the Fertilizer Development Fund to increase fertilizer production and sales in Uzbekistan. The fund will support agribusinesses, and help keep food affordable. Through the fund, selected private fertilizer production companies will receive new technologies and/or customized training worth up to 4 billion soums per company. USAID is seeking concept papers from interested companies, details of which are shared below.

“Worldwide fertilizer prices have nearly doubled since the start of the pandemic which has driven increases in the cost of food. When farmers have affordable, high-quality fertilizer, food costs less, farmers produce more, and the agriculture sector grows,” said USAID Mission Director in Uzbekistan Mikaela Meredith. “USAID is committed to helping agribusinesses use new technology to increase fertilizer production and quality and to teaching farmers how to use fertilizer more efficiently.”

Earlier this year, USAID announced $2 million in new commitments to keep food affordable by supporting Uzbekistan’s farmers and fertilizer producers. Approximately half of that amount will be allocated to the Fertilizer Development Fund. The funding is part of $2.76 billion committed by President Biden to address global food security during the G7 Leaders’ Summit in June of 2022.

USAID is supporting Uzbekistan’s ongoing efforts to combat food insecurity and to advance President Mirziyoyev’s goal of making Uzbekistan self-sufficient. By supporting Uzbekistan’s ability to ensure its own food security.

USAID will provide technical assistance to, and co-finance investments in, new technologies for fertilizer producers in Uzbekistan to increase production, improve quality, and boost domestic and/or regional market shares from sales of fertilizers. USAID will also organize trainings for 5,000 farmers and extension agents on best practices for fertilizer use.

The fund seeks concept papers in amounts up to 4 billion soums to improve and/or increase fertilizer production and sales. Concept papers focusing on the improved and/or increased production of granular, soluble, and/or liquid NPK fertilizers are of particular interest. Organic fertilizer production concepts are also welcome. The deadline for the submission of applications is December 1, 2022. The announcement and concept paper template are available for download here.