United States Recognizes Best Media Coverage of Tuberculosis at an Event on the Role of Media in Raising Public Awareness Around the Disease

At a roundtable discussion on the role of media in raising public awareness around tuberculosis (TB), the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) gave awards for “Best Media Coverage of Tuberculosis” in Uzbekistan. Awards were given for coverage in print, Internet, TV and radio categories in addition to a special award for the best material on the contribution of civil society to TB control in the country. USAID sponsored the event with its partners, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Medical Center of Phthisiology and Pulmonology (National TB Center), and the In-Service Training Center for Journalists of Uzbekistan,

Although TB is preventable and curable, about 1.5 million people still die every year from the disease. Lack of public awareness is a major cause of TB prevalence but media can be particularly effective in delivering key messages and information to counter the myths and misconceptions that lead to stigma against the patient and reduce the efforts of programs designed to control TB

Since 2015, USAID has been working with partners to train nearly 200 Uzbekistan journalists on how to accurately report on TB in ways that will resonate with the public. In addition to training, USAID works with the In-Service Training Center for Journalists and the National TB Center to support regular journalism competitions, including a special recognition award at the annual national journalism competition Oltin Qalam. These activities have strengthened the role media in reducing the TB burden and TB-related stigma in Uzbekistan.

Participants in today’s roundtable discussed ways to improve collaboration with the health system and civil society and the need for broader and more effective reporting on TB. At the awards ceremony following the discussion, the following winners of the Best Media Coverage of Tuberculosis competition were announced:

  • Print: Shavkat Aminov (Adolat Kuchi, Kashkadarya region)
  • Internet: Lobar Karimova (Silning-davosi-bor.uz, Kashkadarya region)
  • TV: Lobar Kilicheva (Bukhara regional TV Channel, Bukhara region)
  • Radio: Farogat Barnoyeva (Navoi Regional Radio Station, Navoi region)
  • Special Award for the Best Material on Contribution of Civil Society to TB Control in Uzbekistan: Zukhra Oymamatova (Voha Internet-TV Channel, Kashkadarya region)

The United States supports the Republic of Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Health in implementing its National TB Program through the five-year, $7.6 million USAID TB Control Program, designed to reduce the burden of tuberculosis in Uzbekistan and prevent multidrug-resistant forms of the disease.  The program covers a wide range of activities, including training health care workers to strengthen the health system, improving interagency coordination and cooperation, and increasing access to TB diagnosis and treatment.

For more information, contact:
Yekaterina Godunova
USAID TB Control Program in Uzbekistan
Phone: +998 97 444 6982
Email:  egodunova@projecthope.org