United States Helps Uzbek Horticultural Processor Grow Its Business

The United States Government, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has been assisting Uzbek horticultural processors grow their domestic and international business. This includes linking Uzbek companies with U.S. suppliers of the latest plant material and machinery, and introducing these companies to new international markets where they can expand their exports.

Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Henry Ensher visited one of companies receiving this assistance Gold Dried Fruit Export LLC (GDF). To improve the quality of its walnuts, with USAID assistance, GDF purchased tree rootstock from a U.S. producer in California. It has also purchased U.S. farm machinery to add efficiency to its on-farm operations. To expand its markets, USAID linked the company with potential buyers in export markets and provided on site consultations on improving the quality of its produce. As a result of a horticulture trade mission and transport and logistics study tour to the Baltics organized by USAID during the week of April 9-14, 2018, GDF signed letters of intent (LOIs) with six Latvian and Lithuanian companies valued at more than $17 million.

Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Henry Ensher (on the right) (U.S. Embassy photo)
Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Henry Ensher (on the right) (U.S. Embassy photo)

GDF was established in 2012 and produces fresh, dried and frozen horticulture produce, packs and supplies it to both local and export markets. To increase the marketability of Uzbek dried fruit and vegetable products in the world market, in 2013, GDF built a processing plant on seven hectare lot. In 2015, a high-tech cold storage facility was built next to the processing plant to store, freeze and package the finished products.

GDF was recognized for introducing innovative approaches for the production of horticulture produce and awarded a prize for Excellence in Horticulture Production, Processing and Storage at the 7th Central Asia Trade Forum that took place on October 18-19, 2017 in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

In the course of his visit, DAS Ensher noted, “Business like the one we are visiting today are important because they create jobs throughout Uzbekistan by adding value to Uzbekistan’s high quality fruit and vegetables before they are sold. For many years, USAID has supported the development of Uzbekistan’s agricultural sector. USAID has worked alongside the Government of Uzbekistan to help producers meet the demands of international markets.”