United States and Ministry of Public Education Partner with Sesame Workshop to Help Children Understand COVID-19

In response to COVID-19, the United States through USAID and in partnership with the Ministry of Public Education is working with the Sesame Workshop, the makers of Sesame Street, to distribute important health and safety public service announcements in Uzbekistan. Sesame Workshop’s COVID-19 media content package, “Caring For Each Other,” was specifically developed to address the challenges faced by young children and their families during the pandemic. The Caring for Each Other Initiative addresses a wide range of topics – from illness prevention with hand washing and other healthy behaviors, to social-emotional themes, including coping with illness, stress, and this “new normal.

USAID will work with the Ministry of Public Education to distribute the eleven segments, which are tailored for broadcast television and social media platforms. Print materials are a part of the package and will reinforce the public service announcements (PSAs) with handouts, posters, and billboards. The PSAs will be adapted into the Uzbek language and distributed across a wide range of appropriate and available technology platforms and applications in the month of June.

The COVID-19 emergency has introduced dramatic changes and uncertainty for young children and their families around the world. Sources of safety and comfort that young children had relied upon – consistency and routine, typically provided through school and other activities – have been abruptly altered. The new realities of school closures and social distancing measures have compounded effects for parents and caregivers of young children, as well. By partnering with the Sesame Workshop, the United States will provide children and families in Uzbekistan with resources to learn and play together during the health crisis.

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