U.S. Embassy Statement

The Embassy of the United States of America expresses its deepest condolences over the passing of Vasila Inoyatova.  Ms. Inoyatova was a trailblazing advocate of human rights in Uzbekistan.  She overcame numerous obstacles to register her non-governmental organization, Ezgulik, as the only officially recognized independent association dedicated to the protection of human rights in Uzbekistan.  She advanced the cause of freedom and justice for prisoners of conscience with prison visits and petitions for their release.  Despite many challenges, she published an annual human rights report that not only earned distinction in the international community for its impartiality and scope, but also brought to light many serious human rights issues.  Ms. Inoyatova leaves behind a legacy of service and sacrifice for the cause of fundamental freedoms.  Her work benefitted many people across Uzbekistan, and we extend our condolences to her family, friends and compatriots.