U.S. Embassy Statement

The U.S. Embassy in Uzbekistan monitored the July 9 presidential election and supports the OSCE Office of Democratic Institutions and Human Rights’ (ODIHR) conclusions that, although the election was technically well prepared, it took place in an environment short of genuine political pluralism and competition.  In addition to ensuring the integrity of election processes, democratic systems should provide citizens with real, competitive choices when they vote.  The United States calls on the Government of Uzbekistan to fully implement ODIHR’s recommendations for future elections.

The U.S. Embassy commends the citizens of Uzbekistan for their participation in the election and notes their support for President Mirziyoyev at the ballot box.  As President Mirziyoyev begins his new mandate, the United States stands ready to help advance his agenda of reform and improved governance, including on rule of law, checks and balances among branches of government, and the protection of individual rights. These principles – when followed – are the bedrock of representative governance.  We look forward to working with President Mirziyoyev and the Government of Uzbekistan to further deepen economic, educational, people-to-people, and security ties between the United States and Uzbekistan.