List of required documents in case previous passport was lost/stolen

Consular Section strongly recommends that U.S. citizens report the loss or theft of their U.S. passport immediately to the district office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which covers the area where the passport was lost or stolen. This office will then issue a letter confirming the report. This letter will be very useful in renewing the Uzbek visa or obtaining an exit visa from the country and will in general make the affected citizen’s departure less troublesome.

Required documents:

  • Both adults and minors must complete the application form DS-11 (PDF 100 KB or E-form) in such cases.
  • Copy of the lost/stolen passport if available.
  • Other government issued identification document. Original and a copy.
  • One photo of the applicant that meets Consular Section’s requirements.
  • Form DS-64 (PDF 38 KB).
  • The application processing fee which can be calculated using the Fee Calculator.

Note: you cannot currently list a “Country” when completing the “Emergency Contact” section on our forms. Please list an emergency contact in the United States.

Consular officers may additionally request a letter from the office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan if available.

Contact us if you have additional questions.