Registration in Uzbekistan

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The immigration regulations of Uzbekistan require that all foreigners present in Uzbekistan be registered with the local authorities immediately upon arrival in Uzbekistan. Tourists staying at hotels and students living in dormitories are automatically registered. All other foreigners must register themselves with a local (district or city level) Office of Entry, Exit and Citizenship (OEE&C). A tourist visa cannot be extended in Uzbekistan and requires the holder to reside at a hotel rather than at a private residence during his/her stay in the country. Visitors staying in the country for up to 3 days do not need to register.  Please note, that these regulation require the foreigner to have a valid registration by the morning of the third business day of their presence in Uzbekistan. Therefore, U.S. Citizens who plan to reside anywhere but hotels in Uzbekistan are advised to contact the OEE&C office as soon as possible upon arrival.  In the absence of registration, foreigners are liable to pay fines.

Fees for Registration of Foreigners and Extension of Registration in Uzbekistan

  • Up to one month – USD 20
  • Up to 2 months – USD 40
  • Up to 3 months – USD 60
  • Up to 6 months – USD 100
  • Up to one year – USD 200

Fines for Not Registering

According to the Uzbekistan Code on Administrative Responsibilities and the Criminal Code foreigners without proper registration are subject to fines, imprisonment and deportation. As of November 2008 the fines range from $1000 to $12000.

If you pay a fine, make sure you get a receipt for the payment and a copy of the report filled out by an OEE&C officer who imposed the fine.

Registration Procedure

The following explains the procedures for registering with the Office of Entry, Exit and Citizenship Issues (OEE&C) offices in Tashkent. If you reside outside of Tashkent, similar steps should be taken through your local city OEE&C.

You will need to submit the following documents to the relevant OEE&C office:

  • Your Passport (make sure you have a valid Uzbekistan visa);
  • Copy of the landlord’s passport;
  • A copy of your lease agreement, notarized and already registered with a local mayor’s office (in Uzbek –Khokimiat);
  • A short explanation of the purpose and the planned length of your trip to Uzbekistan.

The owner of the apartment/house where you plan to reside must come with you to this office.

If you have questions, you are welcome to contact the Consular Section at or telephone (+998-78)120-5450.