The following guide is for American citizens who wish to register their marriage in Uzbekistan. There are several steps to this process and it is important to follow them all carefully.

Please Plan Ahead: If you are an American citizen and intend to marry in Uzbekistan, you should bring to Uzbekistan the following vital records:

  • A Certificate, obtained from a U.S. vital records office, stating that you are not presently married AND
  • If applicable, proof of termination of any prior marriage(s), including a certified copy of a divorce decree, or death certificate for your previous spouse.

See the list of State offices for obtaining vital records in the U.S., such as birth, death and divorce certificates.

Attention: When you obtain these documents, you MUST have them properly authenticated (not just notarized, but authenticated with an Apostille) prior to your arrival to Uzbekistan; otherwise they will not be recognized in Uzbekistan.  The process can be time-consuming. Please see information on authentication procedures on our page about Notarial Services.

When applying for an Uzbek visa, the fiancée/fiancé in Uzbekistan must provide a letter of invitation to the Entry, Exit and Citizenship Department of the Republic of Uzbekistan in support of a “PV” – Personal Visit – visa.  Uzbek authorities have indicated that American citizens on “T” tourist visas will not be able to marry in Uzbekistan.

The Uzbek law requires both groom and bride to undergo medical examination prior to marriage registration.

Obtain an Official Translation: The information page of your U.S. passport must be translated into Russian or Uzbek and certified; the Embassy does not provide translations.  There are several agencies in Tashkent that provide translation services. Their ads can be found in local newspapers or online. The Embassy provides no guarantees about the quality of services performed.

Ensure That You Are Registered: If you stay in a hotel, you will be registered automatically; otherwise, you must register with a local Entry, Exit and Citizenship office (EE&C formerly known as OVIR); proof of registration is required for further processing.

Go to Vital Records Office (ZAGZ): Take all the documents you have prepared (including certificate of celibacy and documents proving the dissolution of any previous marriages, the certified translation of your passport information, and your passport with the Uzbek visa and registration stamp) to the vital records office (ZAGS in Russian) in your fiance(e)’s home town. In Tashkent, couples may go to a district (ZAGS) office according to the fiance(e)’s residence registration (propiska). There is a fee for marriage registration paid in soums; the couples should pay the equivalent of $50 in soums at the National Bank as state tax and submit the receipt of payment at the vital records office (ZAGS).  It takes 32 days to register marriage in Uzbekistan.

Obtain a Marriage Certificate:  The vital records office (ZAGS) will issue you a marriage certificate. Since the marriage certificate may be unfamiliar to those in the U.S. who require proof of marriage (insurance companies, etc) you may, if you wish, have the certificate authenticated with an Apostille in Uzbekistan. See our webpage about Notary Services for more information on Authentication. The marriage certificate may be authenticated by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

You’ve done all 5 steps? Congratulations! Now you are legally married and you have a marriage certificate recognized both in Uzbekistan and in the U.S.

For more information on marriage requirements in Uzbekistan please contact the Consular Section at or at +99878-120-5450.