U.S. Ambassador’s Statement on Victory Day

On behalf of the Embassy of the United States of America and the American people, I would like to extend all the very best to you and your families on the 70th anniversary of Victory Day.  As we commemorate the anniversary of the end of one the most devastating wars in world history, we also think of the sacrifice the veterans of Uzbekistan made during the World War II.  We honor the memory of these veterans and their bravery.  We have deep respect for the tremendous sacrifices made by the Uzbek people during the World War II.  Let us hope the world will never again witness such suffering and pain.  May you and your children continue to live in peace, prosperity, and dignity for many years to come.

Additional Information

On May 9, Uzbekistan marked the Day of Remembrance and Honor. Ambassador Spratlen and the U.S. Marines laid a wreath at the Grieving Mother Memorial to the honored fallen of World War II. Countless diplomatic missions participated in the event.

woman at display
Ambassador Spratlen lays a wreath at the Grieving Mother Memorial. (U.S. Embassy photo)