The USARCENT and the Uzbekistan Army Participates in a Mountain Warfare Exchange

The United States Army Central (USARCENT) and the Uzbekistan Army participated in a Mountain Warfare Exchange, held in Forish, Uzbekistan at the end of August. Over this five-day event, six instructors from the U.S. Army Northern Warfare Training Center and fourteen Uzbekistan army personnel shared processes and procedures related to operating in a mountainous environment and practiced various mountaineering techniques. Almost the entirety of the exchange was hands-on in nature, and was conducted in the mountains of the Forish training area. Topics covered included various climbing and rappelling techniques, the use of mechanical assists, establishing a one-rope bridge, and methods for safely evacuating a casualty from rugged terrain. Both U.S. and Uzbek participants stated that they learned a great deal from the exchange and that they would be very interested in conducting similar events in the future.