Partnership for Innovation Program in Uzbekistan Grant Competition Continues

The Nationwide movement Yuksalish and the Civil Society Development Association (ARGO) (Kazakhstan), with the financial support of USAID, launched the Partnership for Innovation Program in Uzbekistan.

The goal of the Partnership for Innovation program is to increase the role of civil society in Uzbekistan by supporting and developing constructive and effective interaction between civil society institutions, government bodies and the business community.

The purpose of the grant competition is to increase the participation of civil society in the processes of discussion and adoption by state / municipal bodies of decisions that affect public interests.

Public Participation Projects may include, but not be limited to, the following areas:

  • involvement of the project’s target groups in the process of developing and public monitoring / control of the implementation of social programs at the national and / or local level in order to promote increased transparency and accountability of state / municipal bodies;
  • development and promotion of recommendations of NGOs on the results of public monitoring, control and examination of state or municipal programs in the social sphere through constructive dialogue with authorities at various levels of decision-making (for example, local government (municipalities), the republican level);
  • implementation of recommendations by NGOs by national and local decision-makers (based on the results of implemented projects, analytical and expert research, etc.).

Thematic areas may include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • human rights;
  • Gender equality;
  • Youth;
  • Rights of people with disabilities;
  • Environment;
  • and etc

Requirements for participants of the grant competition:

  1. Applications are accepted from NGOs of the Republic of Uzbekistan that are members of Public Councils have established partnerships with public councils.
  2. Only one application is accepted from one NGO;
  3. The project should be designed for a period of up to 12 months;
  4. Experience of successful projects in the field of public participation at the local and / or national levels;
  5. NGOs should not be affiliated with various political forces (parties, movements, leaders, etc.)

The list of documents that must be submitted to the grant applicants: 

  1. A completed application (in accordance with the prescribed format);
  2. A copy of the Certificate of registration of a legal entity (without notarization);
  3. Copy of the Charter of a legal entity (without notarization);
  4. Electronic version of the completed budget (in Excel format in accordance with the prescribed format);

 If a decision is made to finance the proposed project, the following documents will be requested:

  1. Certificate from the local tax service about the absence of debt;
  2. Bank certificate of account availability.

Applications that involve the following activities will not be considered:

  • Support of certain political forces (parties, movements, leaders, etc.) or lobbying on their behalf;
  • Religious activities;
  • Activities exclusively humanitarian;
  • Theoretical and scientific research;
  • Capital construction projects (infrastructure projects).
  • Other destructive activities prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

Application Evaluation Criteria:

Before being considered by the Selection Committee, all applications are subject to the primary selection for compliance with the requirements of the grant competition.

Applications will be considered on the following point system:

1. A clear understanding of the problems and needs of project stakeholders, the realistic goals and objectives of the project 20
2. Project activities are focused on achieving concrete results and goals of the project. 20
3. The strategy to increase the participation of civil society in decision-making processes is realistic, ensures the achievement of the project goal, and also reflects the participation of project stakeholders 15
4. Public importance and expected results of the project are justified, consistent with the goals and priorities of the competition. 15
5. Experience in the implementation of projects in the field of public participation 10
6. The project budget corresponds to the project activities. Costs correspond to market prices. 10
7. Sustainability of project results 10



The results of funded projects to increase the participation of civil society in decision-making processes at the national and local levels will be presented at the international level as part of the regional activities of the Partnership for Innovations program.

Submission of applications:

Start date of receiving applications:10. 04. 2019
Deadline for applications: 05. 06. 2019
The deadline for the submission of questions: 01. 06. 2019
Grant implementation period: up to 12 months
Grant amount: up to $ 7,000

Applications are accepted in Uzbek or Russian with the required attachments by email: or:, with the note “Grant Competition for Uzbekistan Uzbekistan: Public Participation”, until 18:00, June 5, 2019 year.

The size of the e-mail should not exceed 2 MB, in case the total size of the files exceeds the specified size, it should be divided into 2 or more letters.

You can also get acquainted with the conditions for submitting projects for the grant competition, as well as with the forms for submitting, by the links:

P.S. NGOs that have previously submitted their projects to the grant competition, if necessary, can make additions and amend their applications and send them to June 5, 2019 by e-mail:  or