Partnering with Media Against Human Trafficking

Tashkent, July 28-29, 2017 – USAID organized a two-day seminar aimed at strengthening partnership with media to combat human trafficking.

The USAID Reintegration for Trafficking Survivors Project was led by and international expert and organized by Istiqbolli Avlod.  The seminar welcomed media and NGO’s from around the country.

The seminar was organized to encourage mass-media coverage of human trafficking, particularly issues related to reintegrating trafficking victims into society. Additionally the participants developed a media plan to address existing stigma towards victims of trafficking and informing audiences about trafficking survivor advocacy organizations.

Veronica Andreenkova, media expert from Ukraine, presented on causes and effects of human trafficking, the role of media in combating this crime and new approaches to address it. The group analyzed participants’ past articles on the human trafficking during this important seminar. Participants applied obtained knowledge in interactive ways addressing existing gender stereotypes and stigma towards victims of human trafficking.

All participants were provided the opportunity to offer feedback to enhance future trainings and all noted the important role of mass-media in combating human trafficking.

This is one of the many programs supported by USAID in Uzbekistan. Since 1992, USAID has provided more than $356 million in assistance to Uzbekistan.