Modern Horticultural Information Technology to help Uzbek Farmers

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) developed a digital tool to address the high demand for horticultural value chain information in Uzbekistan. This tool is an application called Mobile Extension Value Added Application (MEVA – which also means fruit in Uzbek). As of last week, MEVA is now available on Google-play and in Uzbek, for free.

The MEVA Application provides a “gateway to information” for Uzbek farmers, particularly those involved in orchard and vineyard production. The MEVA App provides in depth information and tools to support optimal species selection, equipment and input purchasing, integrated pest management, orchard and vineyard management, and investment planning. Information is presented through interactive displays that are complete with pictures, customized “calculators” to support decision making, safety information, and links to additional resources.   The goal of this application is to help farmers access tailored information for crop management and make their horticulture business more competitive, contributing to economic growth in Uzbekistan.

The MEVA 2.0 version is available for free download (on Android Operating System) from Google Play beginning on April 7, 2015.

application screen
Mobile Extension Value Added Application (MEVA – which also means fruit in Uzbek)