Mandatory Registration for Foreigners Reinstated

On September 3, the Government of Uzbekistan announced that it is reinstating registration and duration-of-stay requirements for foreigners in Uzbekistan.  Foreigners must register or extend an expired registration by September 10, 2021.  Persons who fail to register or renew an expired registration by the deadline may face fines, disrupted travel plans, and/or may be required to leave the country.

Please note that U.S. citizens residing at official hotels and hostels are automatically registered with the local government.  U.S. citizens residing at private residences must register with local authorities through their landlords and/or corporate sponsors. The registration must be formalized at the regional or district Offices for Migration and Citizenship Issues under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan or through the online portal

Additional information on the registration process can be found on our embassy website and our Country Information page.


  • For emergency assistance for U.S. citizens in Uzbekistan call +998 781 205450.
  • The U.S Embassy in Tashkent is located at:
    3 Moyqorghon Street
    5th Block, Yunusobod District
    100093 Tashkent, Uzbekistan
    Phone: +998 78-1205450