J. Kirby Simon Grant provides Assistance to the Society of the Blind

On August 29, J. Kirby Simon Trust Grant Awardee, Management Counselor Brian Anselman, delivered food packages to 225 needy blind people and their families in the Mirabad District for the Society of the Blind. Brian proposed and received a grant from the J. Kirby Simon Trust to purchase a hearing assisted phone for the society and to provide food packages to the blind in the Mirabad District.

The J. Kirby Simon Foreign Service Trust is a charitable fund established in the memory of J. Kirby Simon, a Foreign Service officer who died in 1995 while serving in Taiwan.  The Trust is committed to expanding the opportunities for professional fulfillment and community service of active Foreign Service officers and specialists and their families.

Brian purchased 225 food packages comprised of rice, oil, pasta and flour from Korzinka, which provided a discount on the food and prepared the individual packages of food.  The Embassy will continue to support handicapped people in Uzbekistan and work with the government to improve conditions for people with disabilities.

men shaking hands
Brian Anselman handing out Food Packages to the Blind. (U.S. Embassy photo)