Fulbright Scholar Mikael Gartner participates in a press event at the U.S. Embassy

Fulbright Scholar Mikael Gartner in a press event.

On June 15, Fulbright Scholar Mikael Gartner and Professor Ravshan Kadirov of Tashkent Architecture and Construction Institute (TACI) participated in a press event at the U.S. Embassy discussing their collaborative work in the areas of disaster response and earthquake resistant design.  Mikael Gartner is an engineer and a former Urban Search and Rescue team member. He has deployed to assist in emergency response after natural disasters including: the 2010 Haiti Earthquake, the 2011 New Zealand Earthquake, the 2011 Japanese Tsunamis and several Hurricanes.

As a Fulbright Scholar, Mikael started co-teaching a “Emergency Situations and Civil Defense” course at the Taskent Architecture and Civil Engineering Institute (TACI) at the start of the 2016 semester with Professor Kadirov Ravshan Nasirovich. In April Mikael taught “Seismic Stability of Buildings and other Structures” at Samarkand State Architecture and Civil Engineering Institute (SSACEI).

As the Fulbright Program continues to grow in popularity in Uzbekistan this is an opportune time for scholars, students, and specialists to apply for the Fulbright Visiting Scholar and Fulbright U.S. Scholar Programs. These programs provide great opportunities for scientific and engineering exchanges and bilateral cooperation.  Additonal information is available on the Educational Exchange webpage of the Embassy of the United States. Faculty and professionals can contact Tashkent-Program@state.gov or TashkentFulbright@state.gov; Students may contact TashkentFulbright@state.gov for more information.

(U.S. Embassy photo)
Professor Ravshan Kadirov and Fulbright Scholar Mikael Gartner