Information Regarding a Flight Departing Uzbekistan

Thank you for taking the initiative in your search for a flight departing Uzbekistan.

At present we are waiting for confirmation of a flight to Europe.  We are still waiting for confirmation of the date but this information could come at short notice.  The destination is likely to be Germany, the airport is to be confirmed.

  • Tickets are likely to cost 423 USD for adults, 255 USD for children aged 2-12 years.

  • Once the flight is confirmed, tickets will be available from the Uzbek Ticket Office, address will be given once known.  It is important for people wanting to fly to take their passport and arrive in person to book their ticket. 

  • Once in Europe, travelers will be responsible to arrange their onward transit to their destination.

  • If this flight takes place, it is expected to be the last opportunity to depart Uzbekistan until borders reopen and commercial transportation links resume. If you wish to return to the United States, don’t miss this opportunity. 

  • Also, it is possible that American legal permanent residents (LPRs or “green card” holders) who are Uzbek citizens may not be permitted to leave Uzbekistan, since they remain citizens of Uzbekistan.

If you are interested in such a flight, please send your name, nationality, passport number, and contact information to us by email at We will send a list of interested parties to Uzbek Airlines.  Once we have confirmation, we will send you another message  with the flight time and destination, as well as where and how you can book tickets.