English Language Specialist completes yearlong materials design partnership project for Uzbek teachers

On March 23-26, 2016, State Department-sponsored English Language Specialist Dee Broughton led final training sessions as part of a year-long textbook design project for teachers of English in Uzbekistan.

The final four-day training prepared 18 teachers to make presentations to university faculty and administrators on the fundamental concepts of materials design and second language acquisition which they have learned during the past year as they prepared a model textbook, B2 Ready.

Participants from Tashkent, Andijan, Nukus, Bukhara, Samarqand, Namangan, Fergana, Termez, and Navoi worked in teams to create presentations on second language acquisition, comprehensible input, frequency-based vocabulary, and task design.  They learned how to find and use legally available texts and citation to create materials that preserve international standards of academic integrity.

group looking at laptop
Session participants review textbook materials they have produced during the year-long project.