Public Diplomacy Section

The Public Diplomacy Section of the U.S. Embassy in Tashkent is responsible for the Embassy’s educational and exchange programs, media relations and public information programs about the United States.

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About the Section

The Public Diplomacy Section administers various Educational and Professional Exchange Programs, including the prestigious Fulbright program. These programs, whether designed for undergraduate students or post-Doctoral candidates, are intended to further the free flow of information and ideas as well as enhance mutual understanding.

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Phone: +998 781402441

U.S. government funded program participants become part of the Exchange Alumni community after their return to Uzbekistan. As the Embassy’s principal contact with alumni, the Alumni Programs team serves as a connecting bridge and maintains meaningful relations with U.S. Exchange Alumni through a series of programs and outreach activities that aim to strengthen existing ties. PAS also administers an Alumni Outreach Grants Program to support innovative alumni projects aimed to benefit their local community in Uzbekistan.

Phone: +998 781402442/43

The Public Diplomacy Section offers a variety of English language programs and resources for English language learners and educators. Together with the Regional English Language Office (RELO), PAS provides academic expertise, advice and consultative assistance on a wide range of English language projects.

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Phone: +998 781402432/38

Through its various activities and resources, the American Center Tashkent (ACT) aims to promote a better understanding of the policies, values, institutions and culture of the United States. Located within the U.S. Embassy, the ACT provides a wide range of current, accurate and authoritative information from a vast selection of print and electronic resources using state­ of-the-art technology.

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Phone: +998 781402525

Located at the U.S. Embassy, the EducationUSA Advising Center provides accurate, comprehensive, and current information about higher education opportunities in the United States. The center organizes group advising sessions to help students understand the application process, meet with university representatives, better prepare for standardized tests, learn about the experiences of American university alumni from Uzbekistan, and much more. One-on-one counseling is also available.

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Phone: +998 781402447

The Cultural Affairs section organizes cultural exchanges, from jazz concerts to sports programs. This section also administers the Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation which provides grants to preserve historic sites, artifacts, manuscripts and museums’ collections, as well as traditional forms of expression, such as music, dance, and language.

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Phone: +998 781402445

The Press Office is responsible for interaction with media representatives and is ready to provide press releases, comments and useful information on the United States, its foreign policy and U.S. Embassy events and activities in Uzbekistan. The Press Office also administers the U.S. Embassy’s social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram as well as channels on YouTube.

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Phone: +998 781402440

The U.S. Embassy awards small grants to fund projects that advance the development of civil society institutions in Uzbekistan. Grants can be awarded to non-governmental organizations and media outlets, but not to individuals or businesses.

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Phone: +998 781402436