Interview and Pre-Employment Clearances


After the initial screening process, the Human Resources office will invite finalists to the Embassy for a job interview and/or assessment. The Embassy does not reimburse travel costs.

If you are selected as a finalist, the Human Resources office will request you to provide your passport details to receive visitor’s access to the Embassy. Carry this passport with you on the interview day and present it at the Embassy entrance. Wear business attire for your interview or assessment. Some positions may require a work related exercise or test. For positions that require language proficiency, this may include a speaking, reading, or writing test in those languages you will be required to use in the job. For other positions, the test may involve a test or assessment of proficiency in programs or abilities specific to the job. These assessments may take place before or after the formal job interview and the pass rate is determined by the hiring office.

During the interview, a hiring panel will determine whether you are the best person for the job, basing their questions on an in-depth job description. Most hiring panels will include a U.S. representative of the hiring office, a subject matter representative from the hiring office, and a Human Resources representative. If you claim one or more hiring preferences (such as Eligible Family Member or U.S. Veteran’s preference), a representative of the Post Employment Committee will also attend. In addition to the interview and assessment process, the Human Resources office may contact the references you listed on your application for employment. We may also request other references as needed. Do NOT provide the names or contact information of any individuals you would prefer we not contact to discuss your past work performance. You do not have to provide this information, but it may affect your eligibility to receive an offer of employment.

If the hiring office selects you as the best candidate, the Human Resources office will extend a tentative offer of employment and send you instructions on how to initiate the required medical examination and security investigation. If you interviewed for the position but were not selected, the Human Resources office will inform you of the status of your candidacy.

Pre-Employment Clearances

All new Embassy employees must undergo a medical examination and security investigation. We cannot estimate prior to initiating the examination and investigation how long these procedures may take. Candidates for employment can assist by providing timely and accurate information as requested. We recommend that candidates who receive a tentative job offer not to terminate their current employment until these procedures are completed and the Human Resources Office extends a formal employment offer.