The Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Tashkent provides support for alumni of U.S. Government exchange programs after their return to Uzbekistan.

The Public Affairs Section maintains a database of alumni of all U.S. Government exchange programs. They receive regular updates from the PAS Alumni Coordinators concerning the Embassy’s upcoming events, such as conferences, alumni-driven projects, Alumni Movie Nights, concerts and other important information.

The Public Affairs Section also administers an Alumni Outreach Grants Program. These grants are intended to support alumni initiatives in Uzbekistan and to provide travel grants to cover transportation for participation in domestic and international conferences and workshops within Eurasia. The application form for Alumni Outreach Grants can be downloaded here:

Click here (PDF 103 KB) to read the Frequently Asked Questions about the Alumni Outreach Grants Program.

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For further information about alumni activities organized by the U.S. Embassy, please contact:

Alumni Programs
Public Affairs Section, United States Embassy
3 Moyqorghon Street, 5th Block Yunusobod District
Tashkent, 100093 Uzbekistan
Phone: +998 781402441
Fax: +998 781206302