English Language Small Grants Program

Finding Opportunity Number: TASHKENT-PAS-FY21-02
Current Closing Date for Applications: May 27, 2021
Program Name: English Language Small Grants Program

The U.S. Embassy Tashkent Public Affairs Section (PAS) of the U.S. Department of State is pleased to announce funding is available through the Embassy’s English Language Small Grants Program.

This funding opportunity seeks to improve the quality of English language teaching and learning in the country by: identifying key factors that promote innovative and interactive English teaching methods; training new generations of English language teachers; motivating students to excel at English learning; and establishing English programs that support economic growth and development. More specifically, this opportunity seeks English language educators to be creative and establish centers/clubs/programs that can boost not only English language ability of university students, but also develop their critical thinking and decision making skills, as well as show their potential. There are many talented students at universities and schools, and participation in extracurricular clubs or programs such as English language learning can be useful. This funding opportunity also seeks to find talented students who can develop and implement ideas to motivate their peers.

Project Goal: Improve the quality of English language teaching and learning in Uzbekistan to support the Government of Uzbekistan’s English education reform goals

Project Audience(s): The primary beneficiaries of any proposal are English language learners and educators in a secondary school or university level setting. The Embassy encourages applications from institutions and individuals from all the regions of Uzbekistan as well as from female and male applicants.

Project Objectives:

Successful proposals would achieve one or more of the following objectives:

  • Objective 1: University English teachers will learn how to use and incorporate modern interactive teaching methods into their English classes;
  • Objective 2: Secondary and university students will improve their speaking, writing, reading, and/or listening skills in English;
  • Objective 3: Secondary and university students, especially female students, will improve their innovative thinking, public speaking, and critical thinking skills by participating in activities with English as the language of instruction.

Examples of activities include but are not limited to:

  • Development of clubs such as conversation groups, English for drama, debate club, American Literature, or an American film club.
  • English camps for students.
  • English trainings or workshops for teachers.
  • Programming to promote English and STEM.
  • Programming to enhance English for Hospitality Management/Tourism.

How to apply

Interested organizations/individuals must complete and email their applications (DOCX 41 KB) to Tashkent-ELP@state.gov by Thursday, May 27, 2021. To learn more about the English Language Program Grants Program we recommend you to review the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) (PDF 559 KB).