2022 TechGirls Exchange Program

TechGirls is an international summer exchange program designed to empower and inspire young girls from around the world to pursue careers in science and technology.

The core of the program is a 27-day experience in the United States in partnership with Virginia Tech University. TechGirls participate in an interactive technology and computer camp that provides participants with an in-depth examination of technology-related topics, such as coding and cyber security, and engages them in 45+ hours of hands-on instruction.

The camp is complemented by additional activities such as site visits to technology companies, leadership clinics, community service opportunities, job shadowing, and cultural events. As part of program follow-on, the TechGirls implement at least one peer training program or service project within their schools and/or communities upon their return to their home country.

The participants will enjoy host community stays at one of five locations across the United States, including Austin, Chicago, Cincinnati, Denver, Detroit, Portland or Seattle. During the host community stays, TechGirls will engage in job shadows, where they will experience a wide range of career possibilities in STEM. They will also have an opportunity to “give back” to their host community during community service days, where they will work with various volunteer organizations to address local concerns.

The TechGirls program offers a rich cultural immersion experience, improves the participants’ ability to enter tech fields and encourages them to pursue higher education in fields where women are under-represented.

TechGirls is an initiative of the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA).

Selection Process

TechGirls participants are selected based on the eligibility requirements below. Independent selection committees composed of industry leaders and regional experts review applications. Semifinalists will be interviewed by the U.S. Embassy Tashkent personnel.

2022 TechGirls Eligibility Requirements

Students eligible to apply are those who:

  • Are female residents in Uzbekistan;
  • Are between the ages of 15 and 17 at the start of the exchange. Note: If you are less than 15 years of age or over 17 years of age on June 1, 2022, you are not eligible for the program;
  • Have demonstrated a serious interest in technology, engineering, and/or math in their academic studies;
  • Have strong English language skills;
  • Exhibit maturity, flexibility, and open-mindedness;
  • Will attend at least one additional semester of secondary school upon their return to their home country; and
  • Are committed to completing a community-based project upon their return home.

Note: Preference will be given to those who have limited or no prior experience in the United States. You are not eligible if you have traveled to the United States in the last three years as part of any other U.S. Department of State/ECA exchange program.

Please note that family members of U.S. Embassy or Consulate staff or U.S. Department of State employees are not eligible to apply.

TechGirls encourages people with diverse backgrounds and skills to apply, including individuals with disabilities.

Selection Timeline

November 18, 2021: TechGirls application opens
January 15, 2022: TechGirls application closes
February 2022: Semifinalists will be contacted via email
March 2022: Interviews with semifinalists will be conducted
April 2022: Final decisions will be made
July 8 – August 3, 2022: TechGirls program in the United States

TechGirls COVID-19 Statement

The U.S. Department of State is working with local and global health professionals to plan a program that adheres to the best public health practices. Please note that the in-person 2021 program will proceed only if the global health situation stabilizes and travel restrictions ease. The Department of State remains open to providing a high-quality virtual exchange, if necessary.

Application Deadline

Applications, completed in English, must be submitted online by 1:00 PM (Uzbekistan time) on January 15, 2022. To submit your application, please follow this link:

Contact Us

If you have any questions related to this program, please contact us at with “TechGirls” in the subject line.