Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program

Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program

The Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program offers three- to five-month grants to university faculty members, experienced professionals, and researchers in Uzbekistan for the following activities in the United States:

  • Lecturing: For educators to engage in full-time lecturing (teaching or consultation) at the university level.
  • Research: For scholars to conduct full-time advanced research at the post-doctoral level.
  • Lecturing/research: For educators to perform a combination of lecturing and advanced research at the university level.
  • Research: For junior faculty to develop a course description and syllabus, and outline specific teaching strategies for their proposed course. 

Junior Faculty

Junior Faculty with a minimum of three (3) years of full-time teaching experience at a university or institute can apply for one-semester grants to explore best practices and theoretical approaches to curriculum development in the United States. This sub-category of the Fulbright Visiting Scholar application does not require any additional application; however, candidates should specify their interest in their statement of purpose. Additionally, candidates must obtain a letter of invitation from a U.S. university that outlines specific tactics for creating a curriculum for a specific course, as well as an outline of the academic and research resources that will be available to the candidate at that university.  

Applications must fall under the following parameters:

  • Build higher education capacity through faculty development and mentoring for junior faculty members.
  • Foster long-term collaboration and institutional linkages between Uzbekistan and U.S. academics.
  • Promote mutual understanding between two nations by facilitating the scholars’ engagement with the broader host campus community. 

To participate in the Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program, the applicant must

  • Be a citizen or permanent resident qualified to hold a valid passport issued by Uzbekistan, and reside in the country throughout the application and selection process.
  • Be at the PhD or equivalent level or an experienced professional with a minimum of 10 years of work experience in the chosen field of study.
  • Be currently employed at a higher education institute, think tank, or relevant governmental/non-governmental organization.

Eligible Fields

Proposals are sought on a wide range of topics in all disciplines with a priority placed on countering violent extremism, STEM education, and education fields. Medical studies concerning direct patient care are not eligible fields, but candidates may apply to public health and health system management.

Previous U.S. experience

Strong preference will be given to applicants who do not have recent and/or extensive experience in the United States. If you have participated in a J-1 or J-2 visa exchange program in the Professor or Research Scholar categories in the past five years, you are ineligible to apply for the program at this time.

How to Apply

Applicants can access the online application at: https://apply.iie.org/fvsp2024.

Before you start completing the online application form, we recommend you read the 2024 Fulbright Visiting Scholar Instructions carefully and in their entirety.

Applications must include:

  • Detailed statement of proposed activity for research and/or lecturing in the United States
  • Bibliography (research proposal) and/or course syllabi (lecturing proposal)
  • Letter of invitation from U.S. institution
  • Curriculum Vitae/Resume
  • Two Letters of Reference
  • Letter of support/leave from your home institution is not required, but highly encouraged and will be taken into account when evaluating your application. 

Application Deadline

The application deadline is September 16, 2023.

Participants are selected through a merit-based open competition. Only short-listed candidates will be interviewed. Final selection results will be available in the summer of 2024.

Selection Criteria

  • Applicants should demonstrate the intrinsic value of the project to the scholar, his/her home institution, country, and U.S. institution.
  • Applicants must have proficiency in English appropriate for carrying out the proposed project in the United States. (English language competence will be checked at the in-person interview.)
  • Applicants must intend to return to their home institution upon completion of the program, reengage in teaching activities, and implement newly-gained knowledge and experience obtained on this program.


  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • The Fulbright Program reserves the right to check any information in the application documents. In case any discrepancy with real facts is revealed the applicant’s participation in the Fulbright competition will be suspended.
  • Material misrepresentation (e.g., plagiarism) at any time during the application or grant period is grounds for selection withdrawal or grant termination.
  • No specific reason for selection or non-selection of applicants will be provided.
  • Grants are not for the principal purpose of attending conferences, completing doctoral dissertations, travel and consultation at multiple institutions, or clinical medical research involving patient contact.

Grant Benefits

  • International airfare to and from the United States
  • Full financial support in the United States
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Access to professional and cultural enrichment opportunities


Please, direct all questions to TashkentFulbright@state.gov with Fulbright Visiting Scholar in the subject line.