Daniel Pearl World Music Days Concert

Daniel Pearl World Music Days is a global network of music events held in October to promote tolerance and understanding through the universal language of music.

Since 2002, more than 10,000 musical performances in 129 countries have been dedicated to and inspired by the legacy of journalist Daniel Pearl, who was kidnapped and murdered in Pakistan shortly after September 11, 2001. Daniel was a talented musician who united people through music. This concert will commemorate his life and work, using music to spread a message of hope and unite people against the culture of violence.

Jassur & Sultan Band. (U.S. Embassy photo)
Jassur & Sultan Band. (U.S. Embassy photo)

Jassur Mirsagatov & Sultan Band.  Sultan Band was founded back in 2011 by Jassur one of the most prominent representatives of the younger generation of Uzbek pop stars.  Jassur Mirsagatov is the winner of several international music awards as well as the “Nihol” Award established with the special decree of the President of Uzbekistan.  The Band’s creative moto – “Play the music that goes in harmony with our souls and play it only live”.  Band’s repertoire includes pop, disco, jazz, retro and funk. Their professional touring geography includes Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russia.  The Leader of the band, Jassur is the official Envoy of the international “Red Ribbon” team that includes young popular artists of the CIS countries and Eastern Europe.  Their main slogan is “To live is to act”.  Red Ribbon envoys promote healthy life style, talk about danger of drugs and HIV/AIDS to their young audiences.  Jassur has also performed at a Gala Concert as UEFA Euro 2015 in Kiev, Ukraine and in Universiade 2013 concert as well as 2015 Aquatics Championships in Kazan, Russia.  Currently Jassur and his band are working on their new album that will be presented to general public very soon.

Flyin’ Up. (Photo courtesy of Flyin’ Up)
Flyin’ Up. (Photo courtesy of Flyin’ Up)

Flyin’ Up “When you are flying up, the sky is infinite. We are not a direction. We are an endless journey.” Founded in 2012, this group of five students from Westminster University in Tashkent became popular among youth who play live rock music.  In spring 2014, they finished and recorded their first album “The City of Rock.” The name came from the name of the artists’ home city — Tashkent, which, translated from ancient Uzbek, means “The City of Stone.” In July 2015 the young musicians started recording their second album, which will be called Ragnarock. The name comes from the Scandinavian mythology of apocalypses, the fall of Gods. Ragnarock is going to be very different from The City of Rock. The band changed the classic rock sound to a more complex and modern one, while the lyrics touch upon such topics as war, injustice and brainwashing. Young artists are against wars and send this message through their music.  Flyin’ Up inspires people “to become a better man within a better world.” The final version of Ragnarock is going to be released by the end of 2015.

All music lovers are invited to the Daniel Pearl World Music Days live jam session featuring the groups Flyin’ Up and Jassur Mirsagatov & Sultan Band.

The live jam session will take place at the old U.S. Embassy premises in Chilanzar on October 14th at 17:30.

To register for the informal Daniel Pearl World Music Days jam please send an email with your name (first and last) and passport series and number to Tashkent-Program@state.gov by 16:00 October 9, 2015.  The registration confirmation will be sent by email only.  No phone calls for registration are accepted

The concert will start at 17:30 on October 14th, but please arrive by 16:00 for the security screening. No bags or electronic devices (cell phones, cameras, etc.) will be allowed on the old U.S. Embassy compound.

Address:   Chilanzar Street, Old Embassy premises (behind the Gafur Guliyam Park)