Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) support the Ministry of Health in Interpretation of La

On July 27-28, CDC conducted a two-day workshop on “Interpretation of Laboratory Test Results” for 27 clinicians, epidemiologists and laboratory professionals of the Ministry of Health, operating in the area of extremely dangerous pathogens.

The workshop objectives were to increase awareness of the factors affecting the interpretation of laboratory assays by clinicians and epidemiologists, to understand the principle of laboratory testing requirements and to discuss the role of laboratory testing in disease diagnosis.

CDC Regional Director, Dr. Daphne Moffett, opened the workshop by noting that “CDC and DTRA are happy to continue supporting the Ministry of Health in improving the laboratory testing strategies, algorithms and approaches, including the introduction of international standards towards effective communication among different types of medical professionals for the benefit of improving the health of the Uzbek.

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Dr. Marufjon Madaminov, Director for Center of Prophylaxis and Quarantine Infectious within the Ministry of Health introducing the Workshop Opening Remarks. (Photo courtesy of CDC Tashkent Office)