International Company Profile

Enter your international business relationship with confidence! The International Company Profile (ICP) helps your firm evaluate its potential business partners by providing a detailed report on a Uzbekistani company that has been personally visited by a commercial specialist or commercial officer. Through the service, clients can request answers to detailed questions about local companies on a variety of issues and receive expert advice from our commercial specialists about the relative strength of the firm in its market and its reliability, among other things. ICP reports provide the following information:

  • Management details
  • Business activities
  • Product/service lines
  • Financial condition
  • Credit-worthiness
  • Trading experience
  • Market coverage
  • Business connections in the target country

The average delivery time for an ICP is minimum of business 20 days. The charge for delivery of an expedited ICP in 10 business days or less, or for one that requests additional data can exceed $1,000, depending on unusual costs incurred.

Cost: $600 for Small and Medium Company, $350 for Small and Medium Company using Service for the first time and $900 for Large Company.

Delivery: 20 business days.

To order an International Company Profile, contact an Export Assistance Center near you.