Business FAQs

A local representative office must be accredited with the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Investment and Trade (MFERIT) of Uzbekistan.  Accreditation lasts up to three years, after which, it is usually extended annually.  The registration fee is approximately USD 1,200 and the application takes 10 working days to process.  The following documents must be submitted to the MFERIT to accredit a local office:

1. A letter of application that:

  • States the purpose of the proposed office and describes the company/organization’s proposed activities;
  • Lists the organization’s business contacts in Uzbekistan;
  • Lists relevant, signed commercial agreements and contracts indicating the subject, value, and length of validity; and
  • Outlines prospects for future activities.

2. Two notarized copies of the organization’s Charter and foundation documents.

3. An MFERIT registration form, completed, signed and sealed by the head of the organization’s office in Uzbekistan.  Registration forms can be obtained from MFERIT’s Accreditation Department.

4. A certificate from a local bank confirming payment of registration fee.

5. A letter from a landlord with consent to rent out an office to the organization.

6. A Power of Attorney for the head of the representative office in Uzbekistan.

Within 10 days of the completion of the registration process, the organization must inform the local tax authority of its registration.

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The major sectors for U.S. exports and investment in Uzbekistan’s economy are oil and gas production services, food processing and packaging, textile machinery and equipment, telecommunication services, and road construction equipment.

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