Apple Variety Contest

On September 30, USAID Country Director John Riordan participated in the Apple Variety Contest, supported by USAID’s AgLinks Plus Project in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of Uzbekistan. 35 Uzbek farmers presented their produce for nominations in four categories: (1) most marketable (2) sweetest (3) juiciest (4) Best in Show. Top three winners in each categories received special certificates and awards.

group of men
USAID Country Director John Riordan with Uzbek farmers. (U.S. Embassy photo)

USAID’s AgLinks Plus (ALP) provides training that increases employment, incomes, and fruit yield and quality for farmers and others who earn their livelihoods in the Uzbek horticulture sector. Since its launch in 2011, ALP has supported horticulture variety contests throughout the country to promote the exchange of information, attract new clients for farmers, and encourage networking.

men presenting apples
Young farmers present their produce at the contest. (U.S. Embassy photo)