Ambassador speaks to Local Business Association

On June 9, 2015, Ambassador Spratlen spoke at a meeting of the Association of International Business and Technologies (AMBiT),  a send-off for a group of local businesspeople, who will tour California’s Silicon Valley in July 2015.  Ambassador Spratlen talked about the importance of entrepreneurship in growing the business relationship between the U.S. and Uzbekistan.

AMBiT is a USAID implementing partner, working as a subcontractor on the Regional Economic Cooperation (REC) project in Uzbekistan.  AMBiT has partnered with the REC project since 2013.  AMBiT’s leadership is a dynamic, energetic group of mainly young professionals, who express great interest in adapting Western business practices and values to the Uzbek environment, such as innovation, technical expertise, advanced training, and business-to-business networking.  Participation in events such as this enables Embassy officials to take the pulse of Uzbekistan’s up-and-coming generation of internationally-minded entrepreneurs.

people shaking hands
Ambassador Spratlen wishes Local Businessmen Bon Voyage. (U.S. Embassy photo)