Ambassador Pamela L. Spratlen’s Opening Remarks To Honor American Art Reception

(As Delivered; Delivered in Russian)

Thursday, March 28, 2017


Ambassador’s Residence, Tashkent

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!  On behalf of the U.S. Embassy in Tashkent, I am pleased to share with you this exhibition of American art at my Residence.  The exhibition seeks to embody the goals of the Art in Embassies program – to intrigue, educate, and connect people through the visual arts, while sharing the rich cultural history of the United States.  The themes of this exhibition speak to the passion and resilience of people who embrace life, respect the environment, strive for peace, and revere creativity in all its forms.

The majority of the artists featured in this exhibition are women who embody the determined spirit of creators and survivors.  Alicia Tormey’s abstract paintings invite viewers to visually engage with her art.  Mary Rawcliffe Colton and Joann Griffin weave striking tapestries reminding us of the fragility of the environment and celebrating the endless beauty of nature.  Susan Iverson’s work expresses the complexities of race, equality, and freedom.  And my nephew Martin Etem and Patrick Hayashi’s works are testaments to the power of choosing peace and maintaining faith.  All the art on these walls underscores the commonality of our human experiences.

These themes resonate with the people of the United States as much as those in Uzbekistan and remind us that in our diversity there is much that binds us.  I hope you enjoy this exhibition and are as inspired by the artists as I am.

Thank you for your attention and let’s enjoy the evening!