Additional Quarantine Restrictions Applied by the Government of Uzbekistan

On March 22, 2020 at 11:10 a.m. the Embassy received reports of the following additional quarantine restrictions applied by the Government of Uzbekistan (GoU) in Tashkent and the immediate vicinity of the city:

  •  All public transportation in Tashkent has been closed including subway, buses, and mini-bus services. Only those taxis with a disinfection certificate from the GoU are allowed to operate in Tashkent and the  immediate vicinity of the city.
  • All taxis entering Tashkent city are required to present a disinfection certificate from the GoU.
  • All recreational areas in the mountain region neighboring Tashkent are closed including Chimgan, Beldersay and Charvak.  As of now, there are no restrictions on personal hiking in the mountain region outside of Tashkent.
  • All roads leading to the mountain region neighboring Tashkent remain open, however local law enforcement is known to implement stricter regulations. We have received reports of vehicles being stopped by local law enforcement at Gazalkent bridge.
  • All entertainment venues in Tashkent, including restaurants, spas, massage parlors, tea houses, cafes, karaoke centers, computer gaming rooms and others are closed. Restaurant food delivery options are still available in Tashkent.
  • Grocery stores remain open to the public.
  • All public gatherings to include weddings, large family gatherings and holidays are prohibited by the GoU.
  • All secondary schools and higher remain in vacation status.